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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Logging In



Please go to the Password Reset page and enter your email address. A reset password link will be sent to you via email. Your new password must be at least eight characters and must contain both alpha and numeric characters. NOTE: The reset password link you receive will expire 24 hours after being sent to you.


Please go to the Password Reset page and enter your email address. Or, if you are already logged in, navigate to your Profile (Click on your name at the top of the page & select Profile). Within Profile, click on the button “Change Your Password.” Your new password must be at least eight characters and must contain both alpha and numeric characters.


It is very likely that your user name is your email address at work. If this does not work, please contact us at Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance.


Please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance.


If a user cannot log in due to a forgotten User ID (which is typically their email address), they can contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 to determine which email address was used to log in. If they forgot their password, they can go to the Password Reset page and enter their user name (typically their email address) and their password reset instructions will be sent to them via email.


Others in your organization can sign up and access your company account by selecting "Sign Up" in the top right corner of this webpage. This will guide them through the registration process. Note that in order to register under a specific customer account, the user must have the valid customer account number. Information on how to locate your customer account number is available on the Sign Up page.


Please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance on removing access for any past employee(s) or employee(s) who do not need access.


There is no limit to the number of users your organization may authorize to access content, or view and purchase Nobles parts and consumables. All authorized users must have a unique user account. To set up a user, select the Sign Up button in the top right corner of this webpage.


Yes, you can register without an account number. In order to access your company specific pricing, order history, or documentation, you will need to sign up using your company account number.


Information on how to locate your customer account number is available here or on the Sign Up page.


Each user may have different access based on their assigned user role. Some users can see all features while others have a very limited view.


Please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance.  


Nobles' My Account is set up to “time out” a user’s session after 30 minutes. This is done for security reasons so sessions are not left open for unlimited amounts of time. My Account has two different areas that are monitored: Content/Information and Transactions (order entry, view orders, account summary info). It is possible to have the transaction area time-out even if you are actively looking at an area such as product information and vice-versa. If this happens, trying to view an order or other type of transactional information will produce an error. Logging out of the system and logging back in will take care of this.


Yes, you need to have an account number to sign up for My Account. You can find your account number on prior invoices. If you're having trouble locating your account number, go here.


No, you can check out as a guest, but you will not have access to certain features like customer-specific pricing or your complete order history.

eCommerce Product Catalog Usage



You can use the global search by typing in a part description, browse for the part in their appropriate category or you can search the Online Parts Catalog by your machine model, part or description to find the appropriate part for your machine.


If you are signed in to your account, parts will remain in your cart until you purchase or remove them. If you are a guest user or not signed in to your account, items will remain in your cart for 30 days, until you purchase the item or clear your browser cache.


Yes. Any current, available Nobles part number may be added to your cart using the global search or the Bulk Order Pad in your shopping cart. Once you have clicked “Add to Cart” you will be able to see product availability.

Note: Build-to-order machines (configurable machines) are not available to order online, and machines are not available for purchase in Australia/New Zealand.


Common-wear parts and consumables are located in the Shop section of the website. If the item you are looking for cannot be located in the shop section, you can go to our Online Parts Catalog to locate the item and add it to your cart.


Please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance. We are happy to help you locate a part or part number.


Parts do become obsolete, and we strive to provide replacements. If a new part or replacement part number is available, we will add the updated part number to your order and you will be notified if a replacement part is not available. If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance.


The price shown for each part is the “list” price. If discounts apply to the order, "your price” will be reflected in your on-line shopping cart. If you need detailed pricing or a quote reflecting your customer account pricing, please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance.

Order Information



Parts, Consumables, and Pre-Owned Machines can be purchased on our website.

North America and Latin America – Floor Coatings can be ordered online at

To order a customizable machine, please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance.


Yes account holders may request service on the website for US & Canadian locations, After logging in to My Account, simply select “Service Request” from the left navigation and click on “Create Service Request.” Fill out the online form and submit your service request. You will receive a confirmation of this request and a service rep will soon be in contact with you.


If you have an account, you may provide ‘special instructions’ by using the “Special Instruction” field in Checkout/Review Order.


You may enter the promo code in the Promo Code field located in the cart summary on the Shopping Cart page or in Checkout. Some promotions codes require confirmation of shipping locations, therefore discounts may not be applied until further into the checkout process. The promo code will be added to your order, and you will see the adjusted price.


First, perform an order search to be sure the order was placed. If you have an account, sign in and navigate to Order History from the top of your screen. Use the filters and/or hit Search to view your most recent orders. If you checked out as a guest, please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399.


All standard quantity discounts will apply to online orders. You will see discounts applied once you view the items in your Shopping Cart.


We will do our best to accommodate changes and modifications, however some changes may not be possible based where your order is in the fulfillment process. Please contact Customer Service at call 1-866-540-1399 who will be able to help you know if a change can be applied to your order.


A new shipping location can be added from the ‘checkout’ screen. Simply select Add New Address and provide your detailed shipping address.


To cancel an order, Please contact Customer Service at 1-866-540-1399. Note: Due to the order fulfillment turn-around, some order cancellation may not be possible. A Customer Service Representative will be able to let you know if the order can be canceled.


If you are signed in to your account, your selected parts will remain in your cart until you purchase or remove them. If you are a guest user or not signed in to your account, items will remain in your cart for 30 days or until you purchase the item or clear your browser cache.


Nobles provides free ground shipping on parts / consumables orders using our preferred carriers to the USA and Canada. Expedited shipments and machine orders to the USA and Canada are subject to shipping charges.


Please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for assistance.


The order will be taxed based on the local taxes where the product is delivered.

ƒ. United States – Taxes are assessed on all Nobles product orders unless your company has supplied Nobles with a state tax exemption certificate. If your order is being assessed taxes in error please add a comment to your online order stating taxes should not be assessed. Contact Customer Service to establish a tax exempt status on your account. Note: Some states require text exemption certificates be updated annually.

Please be sure to update your exemption certificate as required.

ƒ. International tax and tariffs will be applied based on applicable laws.


Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards.


Yes, but this needs to be done through Customer Service. Please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 for this option. Note: For security reasons, please do not provide your credit card information in the “Your Message to Us” field in the Contact Us form.


Parts will ship as they become available. If your order is marked "ship complete" with a back order(s) it will ship when all items are in stock.


When orders or partial orders ship, an email with the shipping details will be sent. Guests can view orders by selecting order status on the bottom of the screen.  Guest orders will need to have their email and confirmation order number. If you have an account, you can also view the order status in the order history section.

Price & Availability of Products



Guest users and users that are not logged in will see the List Price. If you have a Nobles account and are logged in, you will see the List Price and Your Price for products.


Adding a product to your list will show you the product list price and estimated ship date. The estimated ship date is based on placing the order that day. The product availability is also available on the product page.


Net pricing is no longer for the "quote" role, only list price. Please contact Customer Service to have access to place orders and see net pricing.

Order Search & Order Tracking Features



You can search for your order by clicking on “My Account” and then clicking on “Order History.” Select the required search criteria and Search. You also have the ability to click into a specific order to view further details such as:

  • Overall Status
  • Shipping Status
  • Billing Status


Locate your order through Order History and open the order. Each line item of the order will have a ship date, shipping status and tracking number. Most shipment tracking numbers will be linked to the carrier site. By clicking the tracking number, you will see the status of the shipment. Tracking numbers are listed by line item to provide visibility to single or multiple shipments.

Note: This is not available in Australia or New Zealand.


If you change your Service Level, freight charges will not be updated until you select the Buy Now button.

My Account



On the right side of the main navigation, you’ll see the options to Log in or Sign up. Click on the Log in button and enter in your credentials.


Under My Account, select “Invoices, Payments, Balances.” You can click on the hyperlink for the invoice to see the details. You may also click on the PDF icon under the Action column on the right to see the PDF of the invoice.


Yes, you may print the invoice in either of the display views above.


You can enter search criteria to find an invoice on the Open Bills, Credits and Paid Bills tabs.


Yes, you can do this on the “Display Open Items” tab. At the bottom of the list of open items, click on the “Excel” button to download the list of items open on your account.


Yes, the credit card information will be saved for future use unless you check the box to “Only use for this payment transaction.”


To make changes to credit card information on file you must call customer service at 1-866-540-1399.  


Yes, you can change the credit card information by clicking the button for “Want to Change Card?” or selecting a credit card on file in the drop down. The credit card number can be changed until you click on the Continue button to confirm the payment and click the Pay button.


Yes. Once the payment has been confirmed, click on the Print button to print a receipt.


No. There is an option to print the credit card receipt once the payment is confirmed by clicking the Print button.


The payment is still in-process and the “Paid Bills” tab will update once completed. In Process payments can be seen on the “Payments” tab by choosing In Process in the “Status” drop down.

Pre-Owned Machines



All Nobles Pre-Owned machines go through inspection by factory-trained Nobles technicians. Used machines are inspected and specific parts showing abnormal wear & tear are replaced as deemed necessary. Certified Pre-Owned machines are even more rigorously inspected to ensure reliability and maximize productivity. Certified Pre-Owned equipment includes TennantTrue® OEM parts (tanks, hoses, tires), consumables (scrub heads, brushes, squeegees) and batteries.


Each pre-owned machine is refurbished based on a rigorous service inspection by factory-trained technicians. Availability varies due to demand and each machine is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


A dependable Nobles warranty is included with all Certified Pre-Owned and Used machines on The warranty will be specified on each product page. Certified rider machiens come with nine-month parts and 90-day labor warranties. Certified walk-behind machines come with six-month parts and 60-day labor warranties.


More photos and additional information can be provided. Please call us at 1-866-540-1399 x 2671.


Some options are available to add to the machine. Please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-540-1399 x 2671.


Pre-Owned machines ship within 7-10 days.


Pre-Owned machines are only available to ship by truck. Air freight isn't an option.


Freight will vary depending on where the machine is shipping. The shipping location must be confirmed before accurate freight cost can be arranged.


Yes, you can locate the most common parts under the Shop tab of the website. You can also locate additional parts in our Online Parts Catalog under the Products tab.

Brands marked with ® are registered in the United States and/or other countries. Brands marked with the TM are not registered and protected under applicable law.