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Batteries & Chargers

Clean longer and minimize battery maintenance requirements with TennantTrue® batteries and chargers designed specifically for your Tennant cleaning machine. Battery-powered machines create a safer, more user-friendly environment by eliminating the potential for hazardous fumes from engine and carbon dioxide emissions, while easily navigating far-reaching corners of your space (without cords). Choose advanced battery technologies from Tennant to realize even more benefits over standard batteries.

Choose from a variety of innovative battery and charging options for your Tennant machine. With proper maintenance, even our most affordable, standard batteries will last longer, lower your cost of ownership and extend machine run time when compared to the competition and generic, off-the-shelf batteries. Contact Tennant to discuss the best battery solution for your cleaning needs. 

  • AGM Maintenance Free Batteries — Reduce battery maintenance and eliminate watering while enjoying fewer charges. Choose AGM batteries for short cleaning applications and optimal battery life.
  • Gel Maintenance Free Batteries — Reduce battery maintenance and eliminate the need for battery watering with TennantTrue® Gel Batteries.
  • Wet (Flooded) Batteries  Wet batteries are designed to delivery consistent and reliable power. They require regular battery watering for ongoing maintenance.
  • Lithium-ion Batteries — Get up to 20 times longer battery life over standard batteries* when you use these batteries in high-frequency, quick-charge applications such as touch up cleaning throughout the day.

Tennant Technologies Maximize Battery Performance

Tennant leads the industry with innovative technologies for floor surface cleaning machines. These breakthroughs have set higher standards for environmentally safer cleaning.

  • Fast / Opportunity Charging — Clean whenever opportunities arise, like during daytime hours, while other batters continue recharging. This charger’s no-spill design improves safety and sustainability. Currently available on select industrial and T1B Li-Ion machines.
  • HydroLink® Battery Watering System** —Protect operators from the possibility of acid contact and other battery maintenance risks. This easy-to-use design delivers increases battery life with little maintenance and little-to-no operator training.

Proper Charging and Maintenance Extends Battery Life

Good maintenance is essential for good battery performance and matching the charger type to the same battery type (AGM, Gel, Wet, Li-Ion) is essential. In order to maximize the life on Lead Acid Batteries (Flooded, AGM, GEL) they battery should be charged every day after its usage. Allowing for a full charge before disconnecting is best practice (unless your battery and charger are designed for opportunity charging). 

TennantTrue® Service 

Get the greatest return on your investment and reduce your overall cost to clean when you pair TennantTrue® batteries and chargers with TennantTrue® Service. We have factory-trained, local Tennant service representatives ready to diagnose and fix your problems quickly.

* with proper maintenance
** HydroLink® is a registered trademark of Trojan Battery Company.

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